About Us

Charge Faster, Go Further

Mcdodo was established in 2012, its main products include cable, charging products, video&audio products as well as the small household electrical appliance. Mcdodo is committed to providing customers with high quality, practical, safe and reliable products. 

After 7 years of innovation and hard work, Mcdodo already becomes a world-famous 3C brand. Until now, Mcdodo products are exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions, everyday we offer products and services for millions of smart devices end users.

Mcdodo has a great exploratory spirit and creativity, who is always good at finding original power from pain points of the consumers, digging out the needs and meeting the needs.

Mcdodo was established as a traditional manufacturer at the very beginning, but now we have developed its own independent R&D team and built a business system including wholesale, retail, marketing, supplying.

Mcdodo has a completed development, manufacture and sales management system. Now Mcdodo is also the main phone accessories supplier for chain stores like Walmart, Carrefour, 7-11, Family Mart and Lawson.

Our Story

Recuiting Global Agents, Win The Future Together

In 2015, Mcdodo issued the first "Auto Disconnect Cable", it is the first brand to introduce the concept of "Auto Disconnect" into the USB cable, creating a new time of USB cable safe charging with auto disconnect function. In the homogeneous and competitive 3C market, developing personalized and market-oriented products is the only way to win customers. Mcdodo auto disconnect cable had great feedback after issuing, and created an amazing record to sell millions of pieces in a year. Until today, Mcdodo auto disconnect cable has upgraded to the seventh generation.

Here comes the 5G time, fast charging technology is fully popularized, not only for mobile phones, but also laptops, tablets and other devices. Mcdodo quickly focused on the development of fast charging products, and issued the first fast-charging charger in 2017, which can fully charge the mobile in a short time. After that, Mcdodo began to develop other products including fast charging cable, fast charging power bank, fast charging car charger and so on to respond quickly to demand and grab market share. In 2020, Mcdodo issued the latest technology product-GaN charger, which inserts USA imported chip. With an exclusive stacking patent, Mcdodo GaN charger combines lightweight and high efficiency, solving the multi-device fast-charging problem for mobile office workers in one stop.

"Real is real, better than better" is Mcdodo's commitment to consumers. Strictly select suppliers, following standardized procedures, controlling every production link, and ensuring all products meeting relevant regulations, Mcdodo got CE, CCC, RoHS, FCC, ETL, UL, MSDS, ISO9001 and other international quality certifications.