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New 65W GaN Charger
Mobile Accessories At Mcdodo
Mcdodo company is a cell phone accessories supplier particularly good at making data cables and chargers in vogue.
USB Cable USB AM connector standards include USB 1.0, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 cable connector with transmission speed from 5gbps to 1. 5mbps. Among these different types of Mcdodo USB cables, USB3. 0 and USB2. 0. USB OTG (on to go) are the latest standards of the USB market which can connect to a USB disk to expand mobile capacity.
USB Cable Wholesale
USB C HUB Mcdodo USB C HUB's major function is Interface expansion. It makes the device which is only with Mcdodo USB type C to be other connectors. Say HDMI, USB-A 2.0, USB-A 3.0, VGA, USB-C(PD 100W), Gigabit LAN, SD/TF Card Slot, and more.
USB C HUB Wholesale
Fast Charger Higher output, mini size is the trend of fast chargers nowadays. So as a phone charger manufacturer, we Mcdodo launch Mcdodo charger that can charge 50% power into a mobile phone in 30 minutes. Same 65W output charger, GAN technology PD charger is 50% size of the normal charger. We have many types of fast chargers in store, such as Mcdodo PD charger, car charger, travel charger, and more. Fast Charger Wholesale
Audio & Video Mcdodo company produces audio & video convectors and cables that can share your mobile or laptop content on a large screen. We also have Mcdodo earpods which are TWS earphones that have no wire and have a stereo sound. Let's say goodbye to the tangled wire. Audio & Video Wholesale
Phone Holder Apart from Mcdodo USB cable, charger, and earpods, We, a supplier producing multiple mobile phone accessories, also produce Mcdodo phone holder that allows you to watch movies freely. With selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand, be a live show celebrity in 1 min. Phone Holder Wholesale
Life Electronics Mcdodo is also a cell phone accessories supplier producing portable mini USB fan to cool you in the hot summer anytime anywhere. Life Electronics Wholesale
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About Mcdodo
Good At Make Products In Vogue
Mcdodo company holds the highest sales record for selling 150,000 cables in 5 minutes.
Cooperation With International Chain Stores
As a mobile accessories manufacturer, Mcdodo cooperates with many international chain stores like Walmart, Carrefour, T-mobile, 7-11, Family Mart, C-store, and more and supplies Mcdodo brand products to them.
Independent Id Design And QC Team
A professional Mcdodo industrial design team formed by engineers who specialize in electronic engineering and the main designer won the Red Dot Award QC.
With Own Cable Factory
Mcdodo is a mobile accessories manufacturer having 10+ production lines to produce mcdodo cable and a daily output of 40k pcs.
What's New At Mcdodo
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